Newquay -

English Cornish Type Parish Elements Link
Bothwicks Bodhek Coastal Feature Newquay bodhek = name of fish Read more
Camullas Kammwoles Coastal Feature Newquay kamm 'bend' + woles 'lower' Read more
Chapel Chapelkernhwili Settlement Newquay chapel (chapel) Read more
Cribbar Kribow Coastal Feature Newquay kribow (crests) Read more
Criggars Krugow Coastal Feature Newquay krugow 'mounds' Read more
Fairpark Cemetary Park an Fer Infrastructure Newquay site of former fairs and sports Read more
Fistral Bay Baya Fystal Coastal Feature Newquay baya
Read more
Gannel [estuary] An Ganel Topographical Feature Newquay an (the)
Read more
Gusti Vean Kosti Vian Settlement Newquay Read more
Gusti Veor Kosti Veur Settlement Newquay Read more
Gwills Gwyles Settlement Newquay Read more
Hendra Hendrapawl Settlement Newquay tre (farmstead)
hen (ancient/former)
Read more
Huer's Hut Golva an Golyador Historic Site Newquay golva 'lookout' + garmer 'crier' Hue = to cry out Read more
Lidden Lynn Misc Newquay Read more
Mellanvrane Melinvran Settlement Newquay bran (crow)
melin (mill)
Read more
Mellanvrane Roundabout Kylghfordh Melinvran Infrastructure Newquay bran (crow)
kylghfordh (roundabout)
melin (mill)
Read more
Mount Wise Mont An Fur Settlement Newquay mont 'mount' + An Fur 'wise' family name Read more
Newquay Tewynblustri Settlement Newquay pleustri
tewyn (glittering, sparkling)
Read more
Newquay Bay Baya Tewynblustri Settlement Newquay Read more
Old Dane Den Koth Coastal Feature Newquay den 'man' + koth 'old' Read more
Penrose Pennros Settlement Newquay Read more
Pentire Penntir Byghan Settlement Newquay penntir
byghan/bian (little)
Read more
Pentire Point Penn Tir Byghan Coastal Feature Newquay penntir
byghan/bian (little)
Read more
Porth aka St Columb Porth Porth Settlement Newquay porth (cove, gate, harbour) Read more
Porth Veor Porthveur Settlement Newquay meur (great)
porth (cove, gate, harbour)
Read more
Porthbean Porthvian Settlement Newquay porth (cove, gate, harbour)
Read more
St Columb Minor S. Kolom Woles Settlement Newquay goles (lower)
sen/synt (saint)
Read more
The Island An Enys Settlement Newquay Read more
Tithy Teythi Coastal Feature Newquay teythi 'home, base' = local (cove)? Read more
Tolcarne Talkarn Settlement Newquay Read more
Towan Head Penn Tewyn Coastal Feature Newquay Read more
Trebelsue Trevaldu Settlement Newquay du (black)
tre (farmstead)
bal (mine)
Read more
Trenance Trenans Settlement Newquay tre (farmstead) Read more
Trencreek Trenkrug Settlement Newquay Read more
Treninnick Trenynek Settlement Newquay Read more
Trevelgue Trevelgi Settlement Newquay Melgi
tre (farmstead)
Read more
Treviglas Treveglos Settlement Newquay tre (farmstead) Read more
Trewollack Trewolek Settlement Newquay tre (farmstead) Read more